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Washington D.C. is a nonprofit organization which provides the vision, leadership and resources for schools, families and communities to develop ethical citizens committed to building a just and caring world. Based in Washington DC, they recently changed their name, and in the past were known as the Character Education Partnership.

When the Character Education Partnership was founded in 1993, the challenges facing educators were different. There was little technology in schools and the internet was not for the masses. has changed their offerings and services over the years to be relevant with the times. They continue to support young people everywhere who are educated, inspired and empowered to be ethical and engaged citizens.

Using a tool they have created, the Eleven Principles of Effective Character Education, they can evaluate the effectiveness of their program. focuses on defining and encouraging practices and approaches that lead to quality character education.

Professional development for school teachers and administrators is provided which focuses on school-wide systemic change. Their conference, the 22nd Annual National Forum on Character Education, will be held in October and addresses the challenges that educators face. Attendees will learn high-impact strategies and solutions based on the latest research in character education. Discussions will be held on improving academics, how to reduce bad behavior, and effective methods for developing character in each educator's school.

To learn more about their annual conference or the helpful resources they provide, log on to their website:

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Hartford, CT

Recognized as one of the most innovative, progressive and efficient food banks in the country, Foodshare serves Hartford and Tolland counties and since 1982, has sought to solve the problem of hunger in the region.

Last year, Foodshare provided enough food for 12 million meals to 300 partner programs including food pantries, community kitchens, and homeless shelters, and through its Mobile Foodshare program. Despite that significant effort, two-thirds of the need remains unmet. In order to bridge this gap, the organization is involving the entire community to increase the amount of food available from all sources while also helping individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Looking beyond the immediate lack of food, Foodshare will address the chronic underlying causes of why there is still hunger in America, stemming from poverty and the lack of access to resources.

To donate or learn more about this dedicated group, log on to their website:

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KEEN Chicago
KEEN Chicago
Chicago, IL

KEEN Chicago is a volunteer-lead organization in Chicago, IL that is an affiliate of KEEN USA, which is headquartered in Washington, DC. KEEN's mission is to provide free recreational opportunities to children and young adults with disabilities by pairing them with trained volunteers for fun, noncompetitive activities. Their Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders, parents and volunteers who oversee this operation and ensure they remain true to this mission.

KEEN serves hundreds of young people with disabilities and offers a wide range of programs and activities. One example of a program is their Sports Session which includes a group warm up and individual activities tailored solely to the needs of the child. They may throw a basketball, kick a soccer ball, or walk around a track. Many love to bounce on large balls or be pulled along the floor on a flat wheeled scooter. The session ends with everyone coming together in a circle to share what they did that day "that made them very Proud." They end the session by dancing to the Hokey Pokey for the younger kids and the Macarena for the teens and young adults.

Kids burn energy, meet and interact with new volunteers, see old friends, and then rejoin their parents, who have had some precious respite time. This is a wonderful opportunity for these families to socialize with other parents who are dealing with the same struggles. Keen believes that with their talented volunteers, donations from the MARCO Promo Products Difference Maker program, and other donations, they can take Keen Chicago to the next level!

To help them succeed or to learn more, please go to their website:

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Littlest Tumor Foundation
Littlest Tumor Foundation
Appleton, WI

The Littlest Tumor Foundation is a non-profit organization in Appleton, WI that is dedicated to increasing understanding of Neurofibromatosis (NF), empowering affected families and advancing the research on preventative therapies.

NF is one of the most common genetic disorders that impacts 1 in 3000 children. It occurs in both female or males, all races, and all ethnic groups. There are 3 forms of NF and at this time there are no effective treatments or cures.

SNF causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body including the brain and spine. It causes cardiovascular complications, serious skeletal abnormalities, impaired hearing and vision, significant learning disorders and possible amputations.

To learn more about this amazing group of people searching for a cure for their loved ones, log on to their website:

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