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ACE of Hearts
ACE of Hearts
Miami, FL

ACE of Hearts is a nonprofit organization with a visionary deal a winning hand for arts, culture and education in our very own backyard. By funding viable scholarships and the establishment of educational programs that empower young adults to cause positive impacts, ACE catapults cultural enrichment and academic performance in our community.

"Reason can answer questions, but imagination has to ask them." -- Ralph Gerard
The very subjects that encourage imagination, ideas and innovation have been removed from our school system. With budget cuts afflicting public education everywhere, the arts and writing programs are becoming second class citizens to math and science. While not every child will grow to be a doctor, biologist or scientists, it is safe to say that above average writing skills and the creativity to pursue new ways of responding to our world's needs are fundamental for innovation in all careers. At ACE of Hearts, they focus on expanding a child's imagination and empowering them with the necessary tools, so that they may reach adulthood fully prepared to change the world.

To learn more about this visionary organization, log on to their website:

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ChainBreakers, Inc.
ChainBreakers, Inc.
Portsmouth, VA

ChainBreakers, Inc. was founded by concerned residents and church leaders, who saw a need in the city for resources that would help low-income families become more self sufficient and to better their quality of life. Additionally, they believe that the crime and drug abuse rates in their community, which are higher than the national average, can be lowered through the provision of these resources. It is their belief that an increased sense of "community" and "ownership" among Portsmouth's residents will help curtail the amount of crime and drug activity in the area. ChainBreakers understands that personal empowerment, positive influence, and adequate resources are essential to a community's growth and revitalization.

The mission of ChainBreakers, Inc. covers five major areas:

  • To provide food, clothing and shelter to low-income families in our city.
  • To encourage the economic and personal success of community residents through substance abuse recovery and prevention services, job-skill development services, educational services, and employment services.
  • To provide the resources and foundational skills needed to develop, in at-risk children, a love for learning, reading, and the ability to excel in academic areas.
  • To promote economic development and self-sufficiency in low- to moderate-income families through the provision of financial counseling and affordable homeownership opportunities.
  • To bridge the "digital divide" through the provision of centralized computer access to those who ordinarily would not have it.

To learn more about how this group is "Helping Portsmouth's Families THRIVE, not just survive!", log on to their website:

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Fraternal Order Of Eagles
Fraternal Order Of Eagles
Charleston, WV

The state of West Virginia was flooded with what they are calling a 1000 year flood on June 23, 2016. The first days were spent on emergency rescues and recoveries. Over 22 lost their lives. The next couple weeks were spent accessing the damage, organizing cleanup groups, gathering cleaning supplies, and assisting those affected in removing damaged goods from their home. The rebuilding is now starting to take place.

The Fraternal Order OF Eagles & other local organizations are gathering musical instruments, football equipment and school supplies. It is estimated that there are at least 500 school aged children that were affected by the floods. Their hope is to provide the much needed supplies to send the kids back to school with what they need to be successful.

For more information about this caring organization, log on to their website:

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Sunrise Opportunities
Sunrise Opportunities
Machias, ME

Sunrise Opportunities provides help for families and children. The Dental Program has a history of continually expanding to meet children's needs for oral health education and preventive care. In 1976, the Dental Program began visiting schools to provide oral health education. A toothbrush distribution program and school-administered fluoride rinse schedule rounded out the Dental Program's activities.

Today, the Dental Program focuses on preventing oral health disease in local elementary schools, Head Starts, and preschool programs. Children with their parents' permission may have a dental screening, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatment, and/or dental sealant placements.

For more information, log on to their website:

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