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Building in Youth
Longview, WA

Building in Youth is a faith based organization that emphasizes integrity, craftsmanship and hard work. This non-profit was established to help foster good work ethics, marketable skills in the construction industry, and build character. Mentoring relationships exist to help guide the young adults in their life, while working side by side on projects.

Building in Youth offers safety training courses to all volunteers and provides the basic tools needed, such as hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses, gloves, etc. Their goal is to invest in the next generation by providing a unique outlet to encourage volunteering. Increased self-esteem is a result of the opportunity to demonstrate their potential.

An upcoming project which will be held over the spring break which involves construction repairs that will benefit the community of Longview Washington. Dozens of teens will need safety supplies to safety work on the project. Building in Youth is looking to create awareness for their organization to help fund their 100% volunteer program and felt promotional products will help provide that vehicle. For more information or to donate to this outstanding program, please visit their website.

Better Marriages
Winston Salem, NC

For over 40 years, Better Marriages, a non-profit organization that is focused on preventing divorce and supporting healthy relationships, has provided a variety of resources, programs and events to help couples develop strong partnerships. They provide relationship skills training in areas that include communication, conflict resolution and step family living.

The conferences and programs are led by leader couples. Not individuals. They focus on the strengths that couples have and work to find ways to maximize those strengths. The 3 guiding principles they focus on include.... 1) A commitment to growth, 2) The development of an effective communication system, and 3) Creative use of conflict.

Their website provides free information such as articles, book reviews and exercises for couples to help them develop their relationships at home. They are hosting an upcoming conference for hundreds of couples and wrote to us in hopes that we could find a tote bag to help spread the word about their organization and create awareness for their group. To find out more about Better Marriages, please see their website.

Magical Memories
Milton, PA

Magical Memories is an organization that strives to make special events happen for children who suffer on a daily basis with life threatening or terminal illnesses. Many of us took our "normal" childhood for granted. These children encounter countless medical appointments, procedures, medications and hospitalizations on a routine basis that has become the norm for their families.

One of their major events is a large annual holiday party. The children can come together with their families and enjoy a variety of activities with other children who have encountered and faced similar situations. The goal is to provide a special day where the children can enjoy themselves, while trying to put their illness and medical issues behind them for a moment of time. They don't have to feel different because they have lost their hair, have a feeding tube, or are in a wheelchair. The other kids share these and similar issues. The children get a chance for to join together, laugh, have fun, and cherish their Magical Memories.

The group at Magical Memories wrote to MARCO to request promotional products for their upcoming run/walk event. This is how they raise much of their funds for the Christmas event. This is a very short (approximately 1/4 mile) untimed, non-competitive, traffic free, fun time for all. Open to adults and children of all ages who want to be involved, with a shorter distance for those in wheelchairs wanting to join in on the fun. To learn more, please visit their website.

Magical Memories & Their FREE Promotional Products from MARCO. Magical Memories & Their FREE Promotional Products from MARCO.

Youth Emergency Services
Omaha, NE

Youth Emergency Services (YES) is a non-profit organization that serves the hundreds of homeless and at risk youth that wander the streets of Omaha each night. Many of these youth have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, making it unsafe for them to return home. Others are facing health, mental health and substance abuse issues beyond their control.

A variety of services are provided including food, shelter, clothing, a 24 hour crisis hotline, transitional living programs, a maternity home, medical and dental services, mentoring programs and a strong and safe support system. In the past decade, they have helped over 5800 at risk youth. Without proper support and guidance, these vulnerable adolescents cannot succeed independently, and will likely fall into the cycle of homelessness as adults.

YES is celebrating 40 years this summer with a reunion event. They have invited past members to speak and share their stories of where they are now. MARCO is proud to donate promotional products that will help create awareness for this incredible group, which provides resources to help teens become self-sufficient and turn their lives around in a positive direction.

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