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Beard Center on Aging
Beard Center on Aging
Lynchburg, VA

In 2050, the number of persons 65 years of age and older is expected to reach 83.7 million, more than double what it was in 2014, according to the US Census Bureau. Working to help their aging community, both now and in the future, the Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College is involved in many community outreach efforts.

The Beard Center, along with its Consortium on Aging, offers support and educational workshops for older job seekers, persons interested in positive aging, caregivers, and professionals working with older adults. Annually, they sponsor a conference on aging, a "Holidays for the Homeless" program providing food and gifts for 250 homeless persons of all ages, and a food drive for their local Agency on Aging. They also support their local "Santa to a Senior Program" which provides gifts to older adults with no family and those with limited incomes.

The Beard Center is hosting a Caregiver Conference for family and professional caregivers to offer support and to remind them that they are not alone. They have written to MARCO for help in providing a tote for all the materials guests will collect.

To help promote and learn more about this exciting organization, please log on to their website

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BEN-E-LECT Foundation
BEN-E-LECT Foundation
Visalia, CA

The Ben-E-Lect Foundation, based out of Visalia CA, helps under mentored adults realize their full potential by equipping them with the tools they need to build a future filled with purpose and fulfillment. Volunteers are trained and supported in their work with mentees who are either a resident of a local rescue mission or an inmate in jail who is preparing to be released. Their goal is to help these individuals learn from their past mistakes, change their future and become a valuable member of society.

To find out how you can support or volunteer, please log on to their website

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Friends of Youth
Friends of Youth
Kirkland, WA

Friends of Youth was founded in 1951, in Kirkland, WA to provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic services for youth, young adults and their families. Their vision was to help those in need improve their emotional stability and self-sufficiency.

They support youth in three core service areas: Homeless Youth Services-which includes street outreach, emergency shelter and drop-in services, case management, transitional living programs, employment support, and mental health counseling. Residential Services such as therapeutic foster care, residential treatment services and emergency shelter for youth under 18. Youth and Family Services-mental health and chemical dependency counseling, prevention and parenting programs for youth and families.

Today, Friends of Youth positively impacts over 5,500 youth and young adults ages 6-24 and their families each year. They operate facilities and programs at 21 sites in 18 cities across the Puget Sound region.

You can learn more about how this inspiring organization is changing the world one life at a time by visiting their website

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Seed of Hope Foundation
Seed of Hope Foundation
Chicago, IL

Seed Of Hope Foundation was created in 2009 to positively impact the lives of teenage girls and young women in the Chicago, IL area. The organization was founded to help empower women by supporting the minority teenage girls toward becoming emotionally intelligent leaders. Seminars and classes are offered to encourage girls to leave the negativity and baggage behind and move forward to the next chapter of their lives proud and confident.

Seed of Hope is making it a priority to be a model organization for nonprofit best practices. They help young women understand how to live with integrity and they lead by example.

To learn more, check out their website

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