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Canines for Service, Inc.
Canines for Service, Inc.
Wilmington, NC

Canines for Service, Inc. (CFS) was established December 1, 1996 in Wilmington, North Carolina by co-founder Rick Hairston. They are dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life and to improving people's lives through the services of specially trained assistance dogs.

Canines for Service, Inc. is an accredited Assistance Dogs International Member Organization, one of less than 60 in United States. They are consider to be an industry leader in establishing standards of training for the trainer and the service and therapy dogs.

All of the dogs that are part of this program come from local rescues and shelters. No dogs are specifically bred for this work and no government or insurance funding is received.

To learn more about this amazing group and the work they do, please log on to their website:

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DigiVisits, Inc.
DigiVisits, Inc.
Mechanicsville, VA

DigiVisits, Inc. mission is to provide cutting-edge technology supporting visual contact for inmates and their families to preserve the family bond and reduce the emotional distress of separation during incarceration. They are part of the network of people helping those affected by incarcerated family members, especially the children.

Statistics show that men and women who maintain contact with their family do much better when they are released from prison. They are more likely to get a job, get educated and get off drugs.

DigiVisits, Inc., based out of Mechanicsville, Virginia, bridges the gap between inmates and their children, by utilizing technology to create a positive environment for families to visit with incarcerated family members. When a family member is sent to prison, those left behind become the silent victims. The technology of DigiVisits will allow children for example in New York to see and talk to their incarcerated family member in Florida and maintain that communication.

To learn more about how DigiVisits, Inc. can promote successful family unity after incarceration and reduce recidivism, visit their website:

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International Bullying Prevention Association
International Bullying Prevention Association
Troy, MI

Statistics show that as many as 49% of all kids are the victim of a bully at some point in their life. The International Bullying Prevention Association, based out of Troy, Michigan, recognizes the need to create a safe learning environment at schools, free from bullying behaviors, that nurtures the potential of all students. It has taken more than three decades of academic study of bullying behaviors, public revelations and attention to the true consequences for those who bully and those who are bullied and world-wide media coverage of incidents of unspeakable cruelty, suicide, and homicide, to bring educators, students, law enforcement, health care workers, and parents together in a global effort to do something about it.

Bullying hurts and for those involved, the hurt can last a lifetime. Bullying behavior can be the root of serious violent situations in our schools and many countries have adopted policies and procedures for safe schools. The International Bullying Prevention Association is working to take research-based best practices into our countries, schools and communities, to make our world a more welcoming and safer place for all. Members/Trainers of the International Bullying Prevention Association act with conscientious effort to exemplify the highest ethical standards in providing and supporting sound research based bullying prevention training to accomplish this task.

To learn more or to donate to this amazing cause, please log on to their website:

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Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc.
Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc.
Fountain Hills, AZ

Arizona Emergency Medical Systems, Inc., is a community-based, volunteer organization based in Fountain Hills, AZ. They are dedicated to improving emergency medical services (EMS) and trauma care for the Central Arizona region.

Since 1974, AEMS has been bringing together physicians, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and hospital administrators to ensure that emergency medical care is delivered in a coordinated manner and is meeting the needs of the public.

AEMS also provides case management, legal aid, telephone reassurance, in-home personal care services provided by certified aides that includes help with things like bathing, grooming, meal preparation, housekeeping, ambulation, dressing, medication reminders, feeding, laundry, grocery and pharmacy shopping, etc. Other services include 60 day house calls by Registered Nurses, Family Caregiver grants, senior volunteers for peer-to-peer socialization with home-bound seniors, help with applications for Medicaid, Elderchoice, subsidized transportation (paratransit), Meals-on-Wheels, food stamps, food banks, and many other social assistance programs.

AEMS also sponsors fourteen senior adult centers in the ten-county region and provides congregate meals mid-day to a large numbers of seniors, as well as many other educational, wellness, and recreational programs for seniors.

To learn more about this life changing organization, please log on to their website:

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