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The LA Youth Challenge Program
Minden, Pineville & Carville, LA

The Louisiana Youth Challenge Program is a multifaceted approach that aims to help at-risk adolescents achieve their education and become productive and responsible members of society. The program helps at risk children from 16-18, often those who have dropped out of high school, with developing life skills, self-discipline, and understanding the importance of personal values. The 8 core values of the program include Responsible Citizenship, Academic Excellence, Life-Coping Skills, Service to Community, Health & Hygiene, Job Skills Training, Leadership/Followership, and Fitness.

As children enter the facility, they begin a 5-month residential military-like program that offers an opportunity to work on their education and life skills in a structured environment. The 2nd phase is a 12-month post-residential phase that consists of case managers and community leaders assisting cadets to put their goals into action and maintain the discipline they developed in school. The Cadets activities are monitored as they return to their communities to continue education or begin employment. Scholarships are available for those who excel in all areas of the program.

In 2012, 800 students graduated from the National program.

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Whole Kids Outreach
Ellington, MO

Whole Kids Outreach is a non-profit organization working to address the unmet health and wellness needs of hundreds of kids living in rural poverty in MO. The recipients are often families who live well below the poverty line. The birth rate for teen mothers is 50% higher in this area than the rest of MO and the infant mortality rate is at 11.2%.

WKO helps families obtain health care & education for parents and their families. They provide services in the home for those without transportation-such as their maternal child visiting nurse program, which is intended to help lower the infant mortality rate. Additional program offerings include the resource mothers program for prenatal care, the family enhancement program for those who have experienced family violence or developmental delays and a variety of onsite services. The programs held at their center in Ellington MO include recreational programs, education & support groups for parents & children, after school events, a variety of camps, wellness programs and even horseback riding.

With warmth and compassion, Whole Kids Outreach has been helping hundreds of families every year since 1999.

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Austin, TX

Youth2Seniors is a non-profit group, run 100% by volunteers, that is designed to partner youth and seniors. The organization provides intergenerational programs within the community to enhance the lives of the children & seniors that are involved. Their intent is to not only to engage children in opportunities for volunteering at a young age, but also to provide opportunities for relationships to develop between the children and their senior friends!

Program offerings include:
  • Intergenerational Art- art & crafts classes where the students and seniors work side by side.
  • Bear H.U.G.S- stuffed animals that are made by the children & seniors, and then distributed to kids in need at emergency shelters, foster homes, hospitals, etc.
  • Quarterly programs- events such as trick or treating & dance recitals.
  • Special projects-events that enhance the community such as planting gardens, activity room remodels, etc.
  • Intergenerational Day-Fundraising and Awareness event.

To make a donation to help fund an activity or to learn more about this INSPIRING group, please visit their website!

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Sacred Heart School
Dearborn, MI

Schools are forced to make cutbacks on extra-curricular activities. Private or parochial schools are suffering without the support of tax dollars. Studies show that children involved in activities outside of the classroom curriculum are 3 times more likely to have at least a 'B' average for grades. These activities build confidence and prepare children for challenges in everyday life.

The nearby city of Detroit has the highest crime rate of anywhere in the US for the last 4 years. Children grow up feeling they don't have a way out. They don't know any other life than gangs and the streets. One school is working hard to help students become proud citizens-Sacred Heart of Dearborn, MI.

Sacred Heart currently offers a wide variety of programs: Academic Olympics, Art Around Town, Enrichment classes, Girl and Boy Scouts, Career Day Events, Chess Club, Choir, 8 sports teams such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc., the Destination Imagination program, Diversity Day Event, a "Green" or eco-friendly club, Math, Science, and Lego® clubs, a Banking program, Show choir, Student Council and talent shows, in addition to faith based activities and programs. The staff at Sacred Heart asked MARCO for flash drives to record photos and details on each graduating student. This would be a great reminder of all the healthy activities they took part in during their time at school. As the kids go on to new schools and have to make choices or deal with multiple challenges, they can review their accomplishments and be reminded of their worth!

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