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Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)
Shingle Springs, CA

Bikers Against Child Abuse or BACA is a nonprofit organization that helps create a safe environment for abused children. Their goal is to empower kids to speak up and be able to live without fear.

BACA works in conjunction with state and local officials who are already in place for a child that has dealt with abuse. The group will set up an initial ride to meet the child and help them feel comfortable with the group. Contact information is provided for the two closest members geographically so they can be available at any time of need. The contacts go through an extensive background check and work with mental health professionals so they are properly trained to deal with a variety of emergencies. The group members always travel with at least one other biker-they are never alone with the child, and they always receive permission from the parent or guardian before contact. Anytime the child feels scared or frightened, night or day, they can call.

The organization will provide escorts to the home or neighborhood, they will ride by the home to help with surveillance, and will support the child in parole meetings or at court hearings. This amazing group believes that "No child deserves to live in fear" and they help ensure that happens. How great is that?!

BlueSkies Wellness, Inc.
Methuen, MA

BlueSkies Wellness is a non-profit bullying prevention agency that is committed to ending school violence, specifically bullying, by providing services to victims and their families, as well as aggressors, teachers and youth based club leaders. Their mission is to provide high-quality, relevant, cultural, bilingual, sensitive and varied educational programs and opportunities for personal growth. Their vision is to assist children in achieving academic excellence free from barriers imposed by school violence. Coaching is offered for educational leaders and staff to help effectively create a violence free atmosphere at school or in the workplace.

Free & confidential support is provided for all children over the age of 13. The counselors will respond to all requests for emotional support for those who have suffered from bullying or those who might be at-risk for suicide as a result of their experience.

BlueSkies Wellness website provides advice for parents, teachers and youth leaders, as well as real-life stories from victims and their parents. They hope to empower children and adults to make the right choices, as well as take actions to halt bullying in their schools or workplace.

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Well Spouse Association
Wallingford, PA

The Well Spouse® Association originated in Wallingford, PA in 1988. Their mission is to provide peer-to peer emotional support to the individuals who are caring for a chronically ill or disabled spouse or partner. WSA is not disease specific. In supporting and advocating for caregivers, they host a national network of support groups, as well as a mentorship program. They host a website with a variety of resources & online chats; newsletters and e-newsletters, as well as a number of blogs. They organize respite weekend events, and a yearly national conference with workshops. Ongoing support is provided for those former caregivers whose spouses have passed away.

Functioning as a non-profit organization, the Well Spouse® Association is able to support these caregivers through donations, grants, endowments and membership fees. To provide support, you can log on to their site and access various Groupon or certificates where a portion of the profits goes to their fundraising efforts. If you know anyone in need of support, please let them know about this organization or possibly give a gift membership.

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Optimist Club
Talladega, AL

Optimist Clubs are dedicated to "Bringing Out the Best in Kids" and do their part through community service programs. They see a need in their city and they react to it.

The Talladega Optimist group has a program specifically for children ages 8-13, "Talladega Optimist Kids with Character!" The program provides an incentive for children to be a positive influence in their schools. One boy and one girl are nominated by the club director each month. The criteria they are looking for is someone who is respectful, responsible, truthful and genuinely involved in reading. If chosen, they receive a back pack filled with books for being the Optimist Kid with Character of the month!

The nationwide Optimists group conducts 65,000 community service projects each year. They believe that this is positively affecting as many as 6 million children!

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