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The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
Her Health Women's Center
Sioux City, IA

HER HEALTH WOMEN's CENTER provides confidential support to pregnant women seeking help with an unplanned or "crisis" pregnancy. Since 1987, they have helped women, their partners and their families through pregnancy testing and related services, abstinence education and post-abortion education. They endeavor to provide each client with the information and education needed to make decisions that will positively affect a women's life and the life of her child.

One of the best choices a woman can make when faced with an unplanned pregnancy is to seek advice in a safe, confidential setting. HER HEALTH WOMEN's CENTER staff are trained and experienced in helping women face these challenges. Whether she needs one appointment or many, they will be there as she makes her decision and beyond.

Many young women have little understanding about the changes occurring in their bodies. With a free pregnancy test and a compassionate client advocate, women and their partners/families learn about fetal development and the creation of life. HER HEALTH WOMEN's CENTER offers the "Earn While You Learn" parenting curriculum so clients can earn points to purchase material aid such as maternity and baby clothes, diapers, formula and other baby supplies. Clients are also referred to other life-affirming agencies that offer additional services such as maternity homes, medical care and adoption assistance.

HER HEALTH WOMEN's CENTER plans to use their $500 in promotional products to purchase backpacks they can fill with items for their current and future clients.


The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
Lakeshore Public Television
Merriville, IN

Lakeshore Public Television is a public broadcasting station that provides quality educational and informational programming. Their mission is to build a strong sense of community for the residents of Northwest Indiana by being a leading force in connecting people, ideas and information through multiple, ongoing media and outreach activities.

Lakeshore Public Television plans to use their $500 in promotional products to purchase items for use at the Lakeshore Professional Women's Conference, an annual event and fundraiser. Open to all women who wish to gain insight and knowledge to help them in their careers, attendees include women re-entering the workforce, college grads, business owners, community leaders, and new and seasoned professionals. Everyone leaves the event with a renewed sense of growth, empowerment and purpose.

For more information about Lakeshore Public Television, visit

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
Covington, KY

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission lifts up families and children in ways that no other organization can. For more than 40 years, they have worked hard to develop a strong reputation for providing quality, essential services, and for providing a voice for the low income families they serve. NKCAC serves more than 12,000 families a year in 8 counties in Northern Kentucky by offering comprehensive services including: early childhood education; teen and young adult education and training; emergency housing assistance; energy assistance; parenting classes and family permanency intervention; summer nutrition programs; and senior training and employment programs. These programs are designed to help low income individuals and families develop the knowledge, opportunities, and resources they need to achieve self-reliance.

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission plans to use their $500 in promotional products to purchase name badges for their staff and volunteers to wear when attending community events to help those in need identify NKCAC staff, helping to foster conversations, relationships and partnerships. For more information about The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission, visit

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

Leadership Toledo
Leadership Toledo
Toledo, OH

Leadership Toledo strives to inspire and teach leadership, volunteerism, and community involvement to the people of the Greater Toledo Area through four programs: Youth Leadership Toledo (YLT), Youth In Philanthropy Encouraging Excellence (YIPEE), Students In Action (SIA), and Community Leadership Toledo.

Youth Leadership Toledo is a program for fifty high school sophomores selected by high schools in the Toledo Region because of their leadership potential. Through skill development and educational opportunities, the nine-month program introduces participants to the needs of the community and inspires individuals to take an active role in making an impact.

Juniors and Seniors who graduate from the Youth Leadership Toledo program may choose to stay active in Youth In Philanthropy Encouraging Excellence (YIPEE). Sponsored by the Toledo Community Foundation and facilitated by the staff of Leadership Toledo, students meet September to May identifying key problems facing youth, raise money, review grant applications, and allocate money to deserving nonprofits.

The Students In Action program is a component of the national Jefferson Awards organization and facilitated locally by Leadership Toledo. At each school, student leaders are redefining the culture of their campus to one of service, by heightening peer awareness of volunteer opportunities and by bringing attention to ordinary students involved in extraordinary volunteer work.

These three youth programs largely focus on teamwork, community awareness and involvement, leadership, and volunteerism.

Community Leadership Toledo is a program for adults that brings various issues faced by our community today to the attention of its participants. Individuals from diverse backgrounds come together for an intensive nine-month program that focuses on the needs of our community and the roles the participants can play in addressing those needs. Each session provides for educational and participatory experiences, including dialog and the development of professional relationships among participants. In addition to the regular sessions, participants work in teams performing community volunteer projects to be completed by the end of the program year.

With the $500 in promotional products that Leadership Toledo will receive, they plan to purchase Leadership Toledo lapel pins to honor those who graduate from the program. These pins will serve as reminders of their leadership and service and as conversation starters about the program. For more information about Leadership Toledo, visit

Leadership Toledo        Leadership Toledo

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