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Job's Daughters International
Job's Daughters International
Stafford, VA

Job's Daughters International is an organization of young women boasting over 10,000 members in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and Brazil. The organization enjoys a rich history and works on helping to develop young women to lead, plan activities, events, and service projects to help the community. The young women are encouraged to cherish their education and continue it throughout their life. It's part sorority, part professional training ground.

Job's Daughters was started in 1920 by Mrs. Ethel T. Wead Mick. She saw parallels between the challenges women faced as they fought to be accepted as equals and those trials told in the Old Testament story of Job. The organization has evolved to invest much into the members through a myriad of opportunities and experiences. There are chapters, called Bethels, all over the world where girls between the ages of 10 and 19 learn the importance of perseverance, and develop levels of self-esteem and self-confidence unmatched by any other youth organization. Currently, there are approximately 10,500 members worldwide. Scholarships are offered each year to help members with college tuition, textbooks, and other expenses. The young women learn skills that will help them in the workplace such as effective public speaking skills and project management planning for fundraising events. Members also have fun together at activities such as swimming parties, dances, family picnics, and a variety of travel opportunities.

Job's Daughters International offers the qualities that today's young women want and need from organizations that earn their commitment: fun, friendship, helping others and the chance to learn organizational and leadership skills. When a girl joins Job's Daughters, she is told, "We strive to teach that to be fair is to do good." Fairness, honesty, equality, and democratic principles are the cornerstones of the organization.

To learn more about this life changing organization, log on to their website:

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Health and Disability Advocates
Health and Disability Advocates
Chicago, IL

Health and Disability Advocates (HAD) is a social innovator that promotes health and economic security for vulnerable populations so that they can lead secure, dignified lives. HDA works with, but is not limited to, the following: low income families and individuals, children, youth, older adults, adults with disabilities, and Veterans and service members. Their goal is to help provide self-sufficiency, employment, and access to health care, and promote policy solutions to eliminate those barriers.

They are based out of Chicago, IL and have a wide variety of initiatives for 2015. A few of those include:

  1. Illinois Warrior to Warrior (W2W) recruits and trains volunteer veterans from all branches of the service to help current and former service members and their families. The Warrior to Warrior Program (includes IL Connections Families of the Fallen Program, Military Sexual Trauma Program): Warriors receive training in communication skills and community resources from the Illinois National Guard and Health & Disability Advocates with the common purpose to Leave No Soldier Behind. Our statewide events for families of the fallen are fun, empowering ways to come together, honor our heroes and help families thrive.
  2. Think Beyond the Label works with businesses to diversify their workforce, and strengthen their brand. They have a successful track record for delivering information, outreach and resources to businesses, job seekers and the public workforce system to ensure greater recruiting and hiring opportunities for job candidates with disabilities.
  3. Illinois Health Matters provides insight into the ins and outs of health reform. IHM connects people with resources and information to break down barriers to effective policymaking, accurate information reporting and sharing, informed consumer and community decision making, and productive healthcare provision.
  4. The Make Medicare Work Coalition is committed to maximizing the number of people with Medicare who are successfully enrolled in programs that provide them affordable access to the healthcare and prescription drugs they need.
  5. Illinois Connections for Families of the Fallen links families of Fallen Service Members to services, resources, and peers to help families find their new normal.

To learn more about these important HDA initiatives or to find out more about specific programs and past achievements, please log on to their website:

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Claymore Senior Center Inc.
Claymore Senior Center Inc.
Wilmington, DE

The Claymore Senior Center Inc. has served the Wilmington, Delaware population for over 30 years. Their mission is dedicated to providing a wide range of programs, to meet social, recreational, physical wellness, and the educational needs of our members. They strive to maintain an environment that enhances quality of life, encourages personal development and promotes mutual respect for all.

The facility has continued to grow and expand as the needs of the community have changed. A wellness center was added 15 years ago with a progressive workout facility and a main hall for programming needs. They offer an abundance of social gatherings to minimize isolation, Shuffleboard, Indoor Bocci, Computer and Internet classes, Traditional & Soul Line Dancing, Zumba Gold, Bridge and Pinochle, a Bowling League, Yoga & Healthy Lifestyles Classes, Quilting and Craft classes, ongoing Diabetes Education & Support, on-site medical services and continuing education classes.

They wrote to us at MARCO to help promote their new wellness programs at their Health & Screening Day. The beneficial effects of physical activity on disease prevention and treatment are well established and despite the wealth of evidence supporting it, promoting physical activity remains a formidable challenge. By providing a focal point in the community where these programs and services can be easily accessed increases the likelihood that 50+ adults will utilize the information and services.

To learn more about how this group is changing the quality of life for seniors in their area, log on to their website:

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Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics
Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics
Rainsville, AL

Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics provides opportunities for students grades 5-12 in Rainsville, Alabama to become competent and confident in applying math, science, technology and engineering principles to real-life challenges. This culminates in the Fall when teams are judged on oral presentation, educational display, spirit, sportsmanship, interviewing skills, engineering notebook, and robot performance. Teams winning at the local level are eligible to advance to the regional competition. All required materials and supplies are provided to participating schools by Northeast Alabama BEST, which also provides access to technical support and mentoring to BEST Teams.

Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics is based out of Raleigh, NC. They are part of Safe Kids Worldwide, which is a global organization. Their mission is to reduce preventable injuries and deaths in youth up to age 19, which is the number one killer of children in the US. They provide education, resources and expertise to families and caregivers to keep children safe.

BEST inspires students to be engaged and excited about engineering, science, and technology. They hope to inspire students to pursue careers in these fields.

Through participation in the project-based STEM program, students learn to analyze and solve problems utilizing the Engineering Design Process, which helps them develop technological literacy skills. It is these skills that industry seeks in its workforce. Each fall, over 850 middle and high schools and over 18,000 students participate in the competition.

To learn more about how Northeast Alabama BEST Robotics program is making a difference in the lives of students, log on to their website:

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