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25 Ribbon Hacks

Badge ribbons have much more to offer your event than identifying "mucky-mucks" or "newbies" at a conferences and trade shows. Here are some other creative uses for this fun and fashionable badge accessory.

  1. Charity Fundraiser: Print ribbons that promote a cause and sell to help raise money and get the word out.
  2. Awareness Ribbons
  3. Fun Work Awards: How great was it as a kid getting a gold star or ribbon for a job well done? The kid inside each of us still loves the feeling that receiving fun recognition ribbons can bring.
  4. Mini Flags: Attach to a skewer and plant your message on food or make drinks more fun with messages on the straw.
  5. Ribbon Flags
  6. Seating Assignments: Assign event tables names, then have ribbons with those names attached to each of your attendees badges.
  7. Conversation Starter: Fun badge ribbons are a sure way to get attendees talking.
  8. Watch Video: What Are Your Ribbons Trying to Say?
  9. Raffle or Drawing: Perfect for trade show booths. Place plenty of similar ribbons into a container along with a few select unique ribbons. Have attendees randomly choose in hopes of picking the "winning ribbon" for prizes.
  10. Social Selfie Tag: Hashtag your brand message on ribbons and provide incentive for people to tag you in pics around your event.
  11. Social & Hashtag Ribbons
  12. Collection Contest: Think of it like a scavenger hunt. Have people explore and interact with others to collect ribbons throughout your event. Awards given out at the end for the longest badge ribbon sash.
  13. Clothing and/or Accessories: Who says ribbons are only to dress up badges? Collect and combine together to make neckties, sashes, scarfs, ponchos…you could make an entire outfit out of ribbons!
  14. Badge Ribbon Sash
  15. Retail Recognition: Add to customer service name badges to recognize staff for service, sales, and other awards. Also works for quick "ask me" marketing promotions.
  16. Parking Pass: Simply place in a vehicle window to designate VIP or other authorized status.
  17. Reunion Information: Use ribbons to designate activities or clubs at class gatherings or combine together at family reunions to help show lineage..."so you're my 3rd cousin, twice removed on my father's side?"
  18. Present Decorations: Ribbons belong on presents... but badge ribbons can be as the gift tag, too!
  19. Speed Dating Event: Speed up the "getting to know you" process by letting attendees pick badge ribbons that best describe their attributes.
  20. Speed Dating Personality Ribbons
  21. Party Invitation Decorations: Spruce up your birthday party or wedding invitations with ribbons with custom messages.
  22. Lampshade: Say "no" to the boring beige lamp covering by dressing them up with colorful and fun badge ribbons.
  23. Office Decor: Drab cubical got you down? Badge ribbons work great to dress up your work space and provide a touch of privacy.
  24. Cubicle decorated with ribbons
  25. Memory Quilt: Combine together for a cozy way to remember all those tradeshow and conferences you've attended.
  26. Political Campaigning: Forget pokey buttons. Ribbons are a great way to get the vote.
  27. Bookmark: Never forget where you've left off. Plus, the sticky part keeps it from falling out!
  28. Ribbon BookmarkOpen book with ribbon bookmark
  29. Team Building Game: Assign teams select fun ribbons, then randomly distribute groups of those ribbons to attendees and have them seek out their matching partners.
  30. Grand Opening Ribbon: Combine together for a branded ribbon for your next opening. Also, works for the finish lines at races.
  31. Hand fan: Keep cool during those long and hot sessions by attaching a few ribbons together to make a fan.
  32. Ribbon Fan
  33. Cat Toy: All you need is a few ribbons attached to a string and a stick. Viola! Hours of feline entertainment!
  34. Parade Float: You've probably seen the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA where all of the floats are made with flowers. Well why not try parade where teams use ribbons to make colorful and festive floats for a conference finale?
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